Kyoto Guest House #1: Suzuki Guest House

Let’s continue where we left off last time.

I talked about my trip in Kyoto.
And you know until I arrive at the first guest house in Kyoto.

I think I really like guest house and 御朱印 ‘Goshuin’, so I’m gonna write about these two especially in Kyoto!!
I’ve thought I had to change something about this blog and also focus on specific topics not like daily I wrote before!!
If you have a better advice to my blog, I’m all ears!!

Anyway, I write about a guest house I stayed on the first day in Kyoto.
And also this was the first time to stay guest house in Japan!!
So I was really interested in it and also I wanna post about it!!

I stayed at

Suzuki Guest house

I write about details below so if you are interested in this, let’s check and book lol

This guest house is a Japanese traditional style.
So you can experience authentic Japanese culture from everything!!

Communication & Relax floor ★★★★★
We can stay at a first floor whenever we want!!
And also there are so many foreigners, I think this is very popular and famous for foreigners but there also are Japanese like me.
That’s why we have oppotunity to talk with them and laugh a lot, so we also can broaden our horizon!!

Bed room ★★★★☆

We should sleep on a bunk bed.
I have not thought I could sleep on a bunk bed as well as normal bed or futon, but I could sleep better than I thought!!
So I guess we are able to sleep enough well here!!


Bath (shower) and Wash room ★★★☆☆

These are very clean and organized!!
That’s enough enough enough well!!


Accommodation Fee ★★★★★

We can stay here for about 2,000~2,500 yen (20-25 dollars) per person per night!!
In my case, accommodation fee this time was 2,600 yen.
That’s enough cheap compare to other guest house I think!!


Summary ★★★★★

We can stay here without any problems!!
That’s really awesome guest house!!
I’ve never thought that guest house even in Japan is so nice and comfortable!
So I’m getting addicted to stay at guest house lol

And also I want you to know about Japanese guest house for when you come to Japan and you wanna stay there with low accommodation fee.

So I really love coming and staying here!!
I’m definitely gonna be back here next time I come to Kyoto!!
I also wanna meet people who look at this blog and choose this guest house!!
That’s really interesting lol

Suzuki Guest house

・How to reserve:Airbnb (In my case)

・Fee : 2,000-3,000 yen (Depending on the Season and Date)

・Adress:Shuzei-cho 986, Kyoto Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-8155 Japan

・URL :


In the next post, I’m finally gonna introduce to you about 御朱印 ‘Goshuin’
Don’t miss it!!!!!

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Alright! Guys! Thank you so much for watching!!
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