Kamakura-Enoshima#2:D​ay trip part2

Let’s continue where we left off last time

I talked about my short trip in Enoshima.
And you know until I saw the Fuji on the top of Enoshima.

And the I ate 海鮮丼Assorted raw seafood dish’ for lunch at とびっちょ’Tobiccho’.
とびっちょ is a name of restaurant we can eat this delicious 海鮮丼
This is very very famous food (restaurant) many people always stand in line.

So I also waited for 30 minutes this time!
But it was sooooooo delicious and all seafoods are flesh!!
I think this is worth waiting for a long time!!

And also there are many kinds of 海鮮丼, and in addition, you can choose what kind of fish you wanna eat!!
They’ll make original seafood dish as you order!!
So even if you have allergy or something you don’t like, you can eat and enjoy this popular and yummy food here!!

とびっちょ (Tobiccho)

・Open:11:00~21:00 (You can order until 20:00)

・regular holiday:-


・Adress:Kanagawa-prefecture Fujisawa-city Enoshima 1-6-7


I finished eating lunch, I walk around Enoshima.
I went to Enoshima temple!!

This is also popular and famous temple in Japan!!
宗像三女神(Munakata-san-nyozin) and 龍神様(Ryuuzin-sama) is enshrined here.
People believe that you attract good fortune when you visit Zeniarai Benzaiten.

So Let’s come here and see these traditional things with your one eyes!!
I want you to see these on my blog more specific….
But I forgot to take more pictures and selfies lol
So I’m gonna go there again in 2 or 3 months, so please wait for it!!

After I went to the Enoshima temple, I went to 鎌倉’Kamakura’ by train.
I’ll tell you about this story on next post!! 

And then I came back from Kamakura to Enoshima again to see the sunset and the night view of there!!
I could see a sunset and the Fuji around the time I was returning.
That was so beautiful!!!

And also there is an observatory tower and I went up to that!!
I also like the view from the observatory.
This is so nice, isn’t it??

I’m definitely gonna be back here next time I’m in Tokyo or near here!!
I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did!!
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Please check next post about 鎌倉 ‘Kamakura’

Alright! Guys! Thank you so much for watching!! 
I hope you will spend wonderful time today. 
See you later!