Kamakura-Enoshima#1:D​ay trip part1

My study and training n Shizuoka was finished yesterday!!
That was a bit hard but so fun!!

On my way to home, I have some time to go, so I went to…

Eno-shima (江ノ島)

I really like here since I was am university student!!
There are so many beautiful nature and nice restaurants!!
That’s why I thought I wanna come here and show you here!

You can come here from Tokyo by train without having to transfer.
It usually takes only 1.5 hours!
So I think it’s good place to hang out with your friends when you wanna go somewhere except for Tokyo!!

There’re many fun places, traditional places like temples, interesting caves, also big aquarium!!
This time I didn’t have all day to spend here, so I only went to Enoshima and a restaurant I really like there!!

Here is the Katase-Enoshima station!
This gate is beautiful, right?

And then I walked thorough on the bridge to Enoshima.
If you’re lucky, you can see Fuji-Mountain on the bridge!!
When I went there, I could see Fuji clearly!!

This is the map of Enoshima.
There are so many place to go in there!!
If you wanna go and see all places, you need half day to do that!!
But I think it’s worth spending half day there!!

I went to the highest place in Enoshima!!
On the way to there, we can walk through Japanese quint roads!!
These are really good and I felt like I wanna live there lol

Finally, at the top oh there, I saw Fuji again!!

I felt like I was so lucky lol
And I wanna come back again soon!!

This time I wanna show you the atmosphere in Enoshima.
So next post, I’ll show you what I did and ate here!!
It’ll be definitely helpful for someone who wanna go to there!!

Lunch, Train, Temples,,,etc

Please check next post!!

I hope you will spend wonderful time today. 
See you later