Shizuoka#2:地元ご飯【Local food】

It has been four days since I came here!!

First day was so beautiful weather☀️
but other three days were all cloudy or rainy so it’s a bit boring…

I couldn’t take pictures of landscape or nature but I went out for dinner every night with my colleagues🥙🍛🍲

I show you some foods here!!

Hamburg steak🥩

All we can eat this at Sawayaka “さわやか” in Shizuoka!!
This restaurant is very famous and popular in Japan!!

It’s so yummy 😋
I really like this since the first time I ate last year!!
If you have chance to come to Shizuoka, I want you to try this!!

And also I had this wine🍷

Soleil Cuvee Yuko Rouge

I forgot to take picture of Label lol

This wine taste sweet and wine aroma is so good!!
I think we can get this online whenever you want!
So if you’re interested in it, let’t Try it!!

And other foods in Shizuoka lol
These were so good and delicious!!

Today I just write about food lol
Next time I’ll tell you about some nice places near here!!
I’m going to some beautiful places on my way to home tomorrow‼️

Please check it!!