Shizuoka#1:富士山【Fuji Mountain】

Study and training in Shizuoka started from Monday to Friday!!
I’m very enjoying everything here!!

Especially, I’m so glas and happy to meet my colleagues who has started working at present company🕴
I have a lot of memories with them!!
So I’m looking forward to being here and taking with them during this trading‼️✨

Anyway I’ll show you a beautiful landscape of Shizuoka after I finish this training.
Today, I think I wanna write about the way to here from Ehime🗺✈️🚅

I left Matsuyama=Ehime to Haneda=Tokyo, it took a half and hour.
I slept almost while on the plane😪😴

And then I went to Shinagawa by train, and switched to Shinkansen named Kodama.
But…it was behind schedule for a two hours because of some inspection💦

That was so hard for me…I was already very tired until then😭
But I knew I had to wait….even when I was so hangry…

While I was on the Kodama Shinkansen, I ate “駅弁 Ekiken” that means special lunch box for Shinkansen!!
It was so delicious and made me so happy and cheerful🍀✨

I want you to try Ekiben when you have a chance to ride a Shinkansen.
I really recommend this interesting Japanese habit lol

Finally I arrived at Mishima=Shizuoka at 11 pm.

I was so exhausted but I cloud be really happy to see Fujisan this morning.
It was a bit far but so beautiful 🗻

Anyway, I’m enjoying everything and I’ll enjoy for thyou e rest of days here ‼️

I’ll tell you about interesting story and post a lot of beautiful pictures!!

See you later😊🌸✨