Ehime#1:道後温泉Dogo Onsen【道後温泉】

It was so cold and snowing ❄️☃️ yesterday…
So I could not go out and then I just stayed and relaxed at home…Lazy day 🤣

Today is so beautiful and sunny day!
This morning I walked around my hometown and I wanna introduce here!
So I show you bellow🍀

Today’s topic is…

道後温泉 Dogo Onsen

I introduce you about Dogo Onsen briefly.
Dougo Onsen is a hot spring♨️ where is located in Matsuyama city = Ehime Prefecture.
This is one of the oldest hot springs in Japan with a history of about 3,000 years.

Dogo Onsen is chosen the most popular Hot spring for women in Japan!
I’m so glad to hear that and proud of this !!
And it’s also very popular to foreign travelers✈️

You can spend a great time in this traditional building like this♨️
I think you should come and stay here to get refreshed and feel comfortable!!

You can not only bathe in the historical hot spring and also eat Mikan(Orange) and traditional Japanese sweets🥮🍦🍰🍪
Mikan🍊is one of the famous and special fruits in Ehime.
Anyway, it’ll definitely be a great experience for you!!

And also there is a great castle “Matsuyama castle” 🏯 near Dogo Onsen.
We can get into this castle and then know about its history more specific.

You can also ride this interesting thing on the way to the castle lol
I’ve never seen like this ride except for here//
Let’s try this!!!!!

My hometown has great historic symbols and traditional things.
I can’t tell everything about Dogo Onsen and Matsuyama castle here, but if you’re interested in these, please send me a message on this blog and then I’ll tell you more specific!!

I hope more people know about my hometown, and then come here!!
If you want some help to come and stay here, I’ll help you anytime!