Kyoto #31: 三十三間堂【Sanju-Sangen-do】

Today’s topic is

十三間堂【Sanzyu-Sangen-do】in Kyoto.

Do you know 三十三間堂【Sanju-Sangen-do】??

It is one of the famous and popular places in Kyoto, especially for tourists who are interested in Japanese traditional statues and story about Japanese culture.

There are innumerable statues inside that you can’t count them and believe it!!! However, each statue is very elaborate and sophisticated although there are so many!!

Honestly and unfortunately, we are not allowed to take photos inside Sanju-Sangen-do, so I can’t introduce it to you as much as I want! So I hope you’ll visit and see inside in person someday!! If you want more information about it, please give me a message anytime you want!!

Anyway, I’ll introduce the highlights and attractive things there.  Let’s go to wonderful world!!



三十三間堂【Sanju-Sangen-do】 is located in Higashiyama, which is the best place to see Buddhist statues in Kyoto, which is the largest number of statues. It was originally built in 1164 and rebuilt in 1266 after the original structure had been destroyed by fire.

The name of Sanju-Sangen-do is named from the charactalistic of its sturucture,  Sanju-Sangen literally means hall of 33 spaces; the hall has 33 bays or spaces between 34 pillars. It is 120 meters in length by 20 meters in width. 




千手観音像【Senju Kannon】
Sanju-Sangen-do has 1,001 statues of life-size standing statues of 十一面千手観音【Juichimen Senju Kannon】 which have 11-faced and 1,000-arms. In addition, a gigantic seated statue called 千手観音坐像【Senju Kannon Zazou】 which is placed at the center of the standing statues, Standing in front of them is 28 followers of Kannon, together with the gods of wind and thunder.

The overwhelming statues in rows in ten tiers are believed to transform themselves into 33 different shapes including children, women and public servants, and save people suffering from poverty and incurable diseases. If you pay close attention to the statues, you may notice that each statue has a different impression.


十一面千手観音【Juichimen Senju Kannon】


Sanju-Sangen-do has lots of attractive events in a yaer. We can take part in some of them and experience the traditional things!! Be sure to look up before you visit there if you wanna see or take part in!!

1st Jan.
New Year’s event praying for the safety of coming New Year.


12th Jan.
The Japanese art of archery competition


楊枝のお加持大法要【Yanahi no Okajidaihoue】
It is the most important thing that passed down for centuries from the Heian period.


11th Feb.
初牛祭【Hatsu umasai】
It is a fire ritual event that old amulets and bills are burned by fire.


3rd Mar.
Special exhibition and events for free.


23rd Aug.
Event praying for children’s safety


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That’s all about 三十三間堂【Sanju-Sangen-do】. How did you like it so far?? Are you satisfied ??? If you have any question and favor, please let me know here or twitter or IG. I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did!! Thank you for reading !!!!


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