Kyoto #20: 建仁寺【Kennin-Ji】part2

Wonderful Kyoto-Like Temple
Kennin-Ji in Kyoto.

Awesome Drawings

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Gion and Hanamikoji street are reached by walking here at Kennin-Ji, which has many cultural properties, and the the “Fujin Raijin Drawing” is so famous that it is once published in books and on TV. In addition to the history and highlight, Please enjoy the wonderful drawings there.


Awesome Drawings

Unryu-zu: Cloud Dragon Drawing
The “Cloud Dragon Drawings”, which draws a dynamic dragon and flowing clouds using black ink on the sliding doors, is a powerful to attract viewers. The dragon’s appearance, which is likely to jump out of the fusuma, and the depiction of the clouds that create a fantastic atmosphere are excellent works.



Souryu-zu: Double Cloud Dragon Drawing
One of the major highlights of sightseeing in Kennin-Ji is the painting of Soryu-zu on the ceiling inside the temple. It was painted over two years in 2002 to celebrate 800 years anniversary. On the large ceiling, which is 108 tatami mats, you can see the magnificent dragon drawn in ink painting.



The Wind God and Thunder God
Just after entering the building from main hall is the national treasure “Fujin Raijin Drawing”. It shows a two-in-one folding screen with Wind God on the right and Thunder God on the left. It seems like they are likely to move   because of its real. The composition of the picture makes the two gods feel the dynamism of the picture.

Words: Thunder God&Wind God


This time, we have introduced Kennin-Ji in Kyoto. When you come to Kyoto, you should visit there and see its beauty and magnificence. You can experience awesome atmosphere and nature there.


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